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Last update : 11. March 2020

Vitamix 6500 - Overview

Editorial overview: 4.7/5

Quality of construction




Review overview

The Vitamix blender is not like its competitors. The Vitamix 6500 (like all of its brothers and sisters) is incredibly powerful. And it’s rich enough to make anything from ice cream to steamed soup.


This device has features that make it suitable for hobby kitchens. The flat bin simplifies storage and three pre-programmed settings make operation easy.

One of the best things about the 6500 is just that there are no flaws. There aren’t many things to report. The price barrier will certainly drive up a lot of potential buyers, but if you can overcome it, you will probably benefit from it.

Of course, you shouldn’t passively take our word for it. Take a look at the Vitamix 6500 for a more detailed overview to see if it’s worth it.

Vitamix 6500: Quick search

The advantages of

  • Powerful
  • Low-positioned tank
  • Speed parameters
  • Default settings


  • Vitamix mixers are relatively expensive compared to other brands.


Companies: Vitamix

Model: 6500

Dimensions: 17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 inches

Weight: 13 GBP

Vitamix 6500 with berries

Pre-programmed parameters: Ease of use

This blender has three pre-programmed settings (cocktail, hot soup and cold dessert) giving you easy access to some of the best features of the blender.


Many people expect their mixer to have pre-programmed settings, but since this device tends to be commercial, it relies more on speed control than pre-programmed settings.

Because Vitamix faucets are so often used by professionals, many of these faucets do not even have programmed settings.

Well, in that case, it’s good to see they’re trapped here.


With pre-programmed settings, you can press the button and trust the blender to prepare your food exactly the way you want it.

Easy to store: Good for users with limited office space

The Vitamix 6500 comes with an incredible 64-ounce mixing cup that can produce up to half a litre of cocktails.

This is a standard function of all Vitamix mixers. But historically, massive dimensions have made storage difficult.

Vitamix solved this problem by making the container of this device short and stable. The result is a practical container with lots of storage space.

Pulse control: Good for coarse foods

Finally, this device also has an impulse function that makes it easier to cook coarser foods such as hummus or pesto.

That seems pretty normal, doesn’t it? Pulsed operation is what you also find in cheaper mixers. In the past, however, Vitamix has made this feature one of its most popular products.

Activating the pulse mode on this mixer results in a product that is both easy to use and highly effective.


What guarantee are we talking about?

All Vitamix faucets come with an impressive seven-year warranty.

Can I use the Vitamix blender to make juice?

Blenders and juicers extract nutrients from fruit and vegetables in different ways. Centrifuges remove the cellulose to create a much finer consistency, while mixers turn them on to create the characteristic consistency of smoothies. However, the power of the Vitamix blender allows you to maintain the same consistency of drink as a juice extractor.


Is this mixer noisy?

Unfortunately, yes. Most mixers are usually quite noisy, and this one contains a lot of juice. It’s a noisy mixer, but the sound reminds you how powerful it is!

mixed berries

What users say.

People who use the Vitamix 6500 generally appreciate it. Very much so. People especially like the pre-programmed settings, which always make using the mixer a little easier and simpler.


Incense, soup and cold waste switches use some of the coolest features of the blender in one click.

And of course we also hear from many people who love this universality. Many users are not used to a blender that can make ice cream and soup.

As for the problems that have been reported, we have heard little. Some users report that the mixing bowl starts to overheat after long use.

Unfortunately, this problem will occur with almost every mixer you encounter. However, we have found that the engine of the Vitamix 6500 does a very good job in almost every normal kitchen task that can be expected of it.

The consensus on Vitamix 6500 is very positive.


Thanks to its high performance, simple settings and high-quality results, almost everyone can find something they like in the Vitamix 6500.

As we said in our study, price is probably the biggest problem for most buyers.

The issue of overheating is also a problem, but it is unlikely to be caused by regular use.

Given its excellent properties and the absence of serious problems, we believe that the Vitamix 6500 is definitely a product that buyers should consider as a serious option for their mixing needs.

Of course, now that you know everything, you don’t need us anymore. You can make your own informed decision.


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