Best Omega Juicer Reviews 2020 – #4 Best Overall

Last update : 28. March 2020

Today Omega is one of the leading brands in the juice market.  Your machines have a reputation for reliability and durability, with an excellent long-term warranty.  But she creates her own problem.

How can you choose between so many good machines from one manufacturer?  What is not only the best, but also the best for u?  Which one best suits your budget and your needs?  How can you take them all apart?  This can be a difficult task, and that’s where we come in.

We’ve already made a few comments for you.  We assessed Omega’s proposals, analysed them, mixed them up, studied their characteristics and flaws, and presented the results in a short, easy-to-read format with all the information you need to make healthy decisions for you and your family.  At the end of each exam there is even a list of pros and cons that you can quickly consult to make your final decision.

Mini comparison of our top 5 chips:

5 Best reviews for Omega Juicer 2020:

1. Omega J8006 Juice extractor – best overall value

Omega J8006 Masticator-Juicer

The Omega J8006 juicer, silvery and almost futuristic, is the best choice on our list.  It is a putty press, i.e. it has a rotary mortar that crushes fruit and vegetables, including leafy greens.  The meat is very dry, which means that all the juice is squeezed out.  You don’t waste anything.


The engine runs at 80 rpm and is never charged during operation.  It works quietly and powerfully.

As there are only four main parts, it is very easy to disassemble, clean and assemble.  Service becomes child’s play and you can spend more time drinking and juicing and less time cleaning.  The brush is supplied with the juicer, so once you are in the rhythm, the cleaning time can be reduced to less than five minutes, sometimes even up to three minutes.

The only disadvantage of this centrifuge is that it opens a small bowl.  Fruits and vegetables should be cut into pieces, not fully fed. But it’s a slight irritation at best.  This Omega is an excellent juice extractor that will meet your needs for years to come.


The advantages of

  • The engine runs at 80 rpm
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy operation of the green mass
  • Net appearance

2. Omega juice extractor VSJ843QS – second place

Omega juice extractor VSJ843QS

The Omega Juice Extractor is the second most powerful on the list and operates at an ultra-low processing speed of 43 rpm, allowing maximum juice production from each fruit or vegetable.  The juice has almost no flesh and is very easy to clean.  It is well designed, durable and reliable.


This machine processes all your juices without overheating or causing oxidation.  This prevents the destruction of enzymes that would strip the juice of the nutrients you are trying to extract with the juice.

It has a very industrial look that can easily be combined with other stainless steel kitchen appliances to fit perfectly.  Despite the fact that the meter covers a large area, it is interesting to see the results.  The only other complaint is that sometimes hard vegetables such as carrots and other carrots get stuck.  Easy to repair, just turn the screw and everything will be back to normal.  Then do it again.  A preventive measure is cutting the roots into small pieces, which seems to work.

Apart from these little problems, he is the real challenger in the first place.

The advantages of

  • ultralow 43 revs per minute
  • Exercise with the maximum amount of juice
  • Very easy to clean.
  • It’s not overheated.


  • Firm roots get stuck.
  • Large sizes

3. Omega J8004 Juice extractor

Omega J8004

As our best choice, the Omega chewing machine works at 80 rpm to extract the maximum amount of juice.  If you take the leaves and let them run through the machine a second time, you get even more juice from the machine.


Cleaning is easy thanks to the easy disassembly.  The only problem addressed here is the cleaning of the filter sieves.  After using the dishwashing brush, the job is done with a short brush in the dishwasher.  Once it is clean, installation is also quick and easy.  You will spend more time making juice and drinking juice than cleaning the machine.

When he squeezes the berries like apples, he does a terrible job and mainly produces musk instead of juice.

Omega claims that this centrifuge produces nut oil and grinds the coffee beans, but any attempt to do so usually results in the machine jamming and removing bits of the screw.  It also causes friction, leading to cracks and other related problems.  Calling customer service to resolve these issues causes major disruptions – a very disappointing experience.


The advantages of

  • Easy cleaning
  • easy installation
  • Well adapted to green leaves


  • Produces soft fruit pulp.

4. Omega J4000 Stainless Steel Juice Extractor – Best Price

Omega J4000 stainless steel

The Omega J4000 is a high speed centrifuge with stainless steel swirling blades at 5200 rpm.  It can handle anything but green leafy vegetables.  It’s quieter than you’d expect.  Cleaning is relatively easy, but you must make sure that the blade stops completely before removing the lid, otherwise the plastic rod will tear.


You will also have to tilt the machine forward when you have finished pressing to extract the last piece of juice. If you don’t, it will continue to drip for a few minutes after you turn off the power.

Because it’s not a juicer, it doesn’t squeeze as much juice as our three companions.  When you’re done, there’s still quite a bit of liquid left in the dough.  If you are not a cleaning fan, stains will gradually appear on the white plastic surface and other parts.

The lifetime of this centrifuge is not as long as that of the first three centrifuges.  You get what you pay for.  Despite its limitations, it is an excellent, inexpensive juicer that will put it at the top of the list for money.

The advantages of

  • Easy cleaning
  • Very quickly.
  • Quieter than expected.


  • can’t deal with the Greens.
  • He doesn’t squeeze all the juice.
  • drops in the juice

5. Omega VRT330 Juice extractor

Omega VRT330

Omega’s VRT330 vertical chewing machine, which operates at 80 rpm, is faster than the horizontal models shown above.  He doesn’t get as much juice as she does.  It also leaves behind much more meat than the others, but it is in any case relatively easy to clean.


It also does not work as well with chlorophyll as other cascade juicers.  You have to add something stronger to the mixture (like carrots) to get rid of the green.  Otherwise they get stuck on the screw and don’t go anywhere.  At the end of the juice, the spout gets stuck in the remaining vegetables.  You need a good brush to clean it every time.

If you use it for a long time, it gets hot.  It destroys all enzymes and nutrients in fruit and vegetables.  The only way to use this centrifuge effectively is to use it for short periods followed by a long cooling down period.  This can double or triple the time needed for juice extraction.

Although it is a centrifuge, it is simply not measured against the other devices on this list.  I don’t know what puts him in last place.



  • Leaves too much pulp behind.
  • can’t deal with the Greens.
  • The spout collects the residue
  • Overheating
  • doesn’t squeeze enough juice

Purchasing guide

The first thing to consider when choosing an omega juice extractor that meets your needs is whether or not to squeeze foliage.  If this is the case, a high-speed centrifuge with rotating blades will not make you happy.  You need a slow, cascading centrifuge.  There are four on this list, so you have a wide choice.

They all have quite an impact on them, but horizontal centrifuges take up more space on the counter than vertical centrifuges.  Take a look around your kitchen and imagine where your new juicer is going.  If you don’t want to leave it behind, do you have enough space in the cupboards and drawers to store it?  If there is no suitable place to store it in the kitchen, sooner or later it will move to a garage where it will be forgotten and all the money will be wasted.


What makes a good juice extractor?

It’s an interesting question, and there are as many answers as there are people.  However, it is possible that certain details may be discovered.

A good centrifuge does what you want , not what others want.  You put a centrifuge in your house, not your neighbour’s, so it doesn’t matter what your neighbour thinks.  It doesn’t matter what the manufacturer thinks.  The most versatile gold-plated juicer in the world is useless if it doesn’t meet your needs, while the darkest horse juicer that does exactly what you want is worth its weight in gold.

A good juicer must be reliable despite its limitations.  All machines (from wagons, trains and airplanes to the simplest preservation knives) have their own limitations.  But within these limits, they must be reliable day after day.  Manufacturers’ exaggerated claims should be treated with scepticism – some of these extravagant claims are likely to push and break the machine beyond its capabilities.

A good centrifuge should be easy to maintain.  Machines that require a lot of maintenance are intended for professionals who have all day to maintain them.  You have a life, and you shouldn’t waste it to take care of this car.  The car should take care of you.  Find one that’s easy to clean and maintain – you’ll love it.

Purchasing tips

A centrifuge is one of the products that should be covered by a strong multi-year warranty.  Omega has a reputation for honoring its guarantees.  No case is perfect, and along the way I’m sure you’ll hear some terrible stories.  The best way to make a decision is to take into account the preponderance of the evidence.  Over the years, Omega has had happier rather than unhappy customers, which has turned the scale into a positive one.


If you buy online, make sure you meet the seller’s minimum requirements for free shipping.  Most of them offer it today, but they may have different requirements.  Take a few minutes to read them before you buy them.

Make sure that spare parts are easily accessible when needed.  The ordered part on the back means that your juicer is sitting and doing nothing for you.  Here, too, Omega has a solid reputation.  Still, it can’t hurt to call customer service in advance and ask for information.  Let them know that you are a potential customer and they will be happy to answer your questions.

Available options

Most of the centrifuges we mention are equipped with cleaning brushes, but due to the constant wear and tear they will be replaced first.  Buy a centrifuge and bring some more.

Sealed glasses to store your juice are an important option you can buy with your juicer.  Most retailers offer them in the same aisle or on the same website as the juice extractor.  Come on, take two.


Most people rely on their juicer to prevent their juices from leaking, but leaking and spilling is a reality when it comes to all kinds of liquids.  Invest in the bowl under the juicer to absorb the inevitable spills.


Our feedback has made the J8006 centrifuge the best choice in the omega centrifuge category.  The quality of the juice produced is first-class, with a very dry pulp, allowing you to enjoy every drop of juice. The design is solid and the service is a light breeze.  With this car you will enjoy it for years to come.

The winner of the best value for money category is J4000.  It is not a putty centrifuge, which means that there is less juice and more wet pulp and it does not need to be used for many years. It may not quite meet the highest standards, but the prize is the winner.

The five Omega juicers are excellent, and your personal preference should make the decision easier for you, but we hope our feedback has made the decision a little easier for you!



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