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  • Updated on the 24th. July 2019.

BELLA 13694 Juice extractor, stainless steel

It’s one thing to promise high power. The Bella 13694 high-capacity juicers have a high capacity, which is already included in the name. It’s always a bold statement from the manufacturer, especially when it comes to juice. It attracts the attention of consumers and experts.

As far as the potential of this stainless steel press is concerned, there are several things to consider. Don’t forget that this centrifuge is available for $50 or less. Second: Note that this powerful 1 liter juice extractor promises an extraction of 1000 watts of juice from its motor. If you know something about a juicer, you know we’re already dealing with a serious competitor for a serious juicer.

One of the biggest problems with centrifuges in the $50 price range is the engine itself. There is normally no 1000 Watt motor behind it. Usually you have a much, much weaker engine. The device will then work too hard to give you the desired result. All too often, these centrifuges break down long before the warranty period expires. For centrifuges in this price range this is not a rule, but it happens quite often.

The Bella 13694 is different. With such an engine you can count on a product that gives you the desired result. Moreover, this centrifuge has the reputation of being a clockwork.

Is the Bella 13694 easy to use?
They also have a centrifuge that is surprisingly easy to design. New to the world of juicers? Don’t worry about it. The Bella 13694 has a low speed of 12,000 rpm and a high speed of 14,000 rpm. Note the stainless steel cutting disc with filter and rubber feet to prevent the product from slipping off the counter. A removable cellulose container is also available and a micro-mesh filter is supplied with the packaging.

Whether you are using the centrifuge for the first time or have already tried some models, you will appreciate the ease of cleaning this
product. The model Bella 13694 is detachable and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. As mentioned before, the container itself produces one litre of each juice recipe you work with. The splash-proof lid feels comfortable and the spout makes the Bella 13694 easy to use at all times.

A large feeding trough is something we just can’t resist. With the small feed chutes we can turn the corner, because that means more time for preparation. If you are one of those people who try to prepare something by getting ready for work in the morning, you want to have as little time as possible to prepare. It is clear that you always want something that is made exactly to your specifications. This is where the large feeding trough becomes so attractive. It must be one of the most efficient and fastest centrifuges on the market.

The high-quality stainless steel juicer Bella 13694 is also BPA-free.

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It is one of the most powerful juicers in the $50 price range. Unfortunately, this also means that the Bella 13694 is one of the most popular centrifuges on the market. If you already have a lot of experience with centrifuges, this won’t be a big leap for you. Beginners will be a bit surprised by the intensity of this product on a high speed installation. You’ll almost certainly get used to it, but we think you should keep an eye on it.

In general, if you are an inexperienced member of this medical community or if you finally want to get a centrifuge that lives up to all its promises, then this point of Bella deserves serious attention. Be sure to follow all instructions in the manual. You can also use the free recipes for centrifuges that are included in the price. There are a number of excellent suggestions to get you started.

Centrifuges are a great way to get the fruit and vegetables we need every day. With this centrifuge you can try almost any recipe you come across. Perhaps the most important thing is that you can prepare these recipes at almost any time, whatever you choose. This centrifuge does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen, but can easily become one of your favourite appliances.

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