Ninja vs Vitamix: Which Blender is the best one?

Last update : 11. March 2020


How well does your current blender adapt to your new juice extracting habits? What about the ice cubes in your cocktail? Maybe you don’t even have a blender and you’re looking for one that can help you for a while?

The fact is that many blenders do not sufficiently saturate the juice with certain ingredients such as ginger, cabbage and carrots. They leave behind large, fleshy chunks that store juice and nutrients. Mixing is also not just about the juice. The blender must be a multifunctional kitchen appliance.

High-tech blenders can offer much more than just juices, cocktails and shakes. Did you know that a good blender can chop butter, salsa, hot soups, nut oil, ice cream, almond flour and even coffee?

When it comes to blending, the two main competitors are Ninja and Vitamix. Although both mixers have a high price, the Vitamix is almost twice as expensive as the Ninja. So we make a comparison and see if the Vitamix is worth the extra cost or if the Ninja is competitive.

Ninja vs. Vitamix


Ninja mixer

With 1500 watts of power, the Ninja offers various paddle options for individual mixing, 3 settings for different types of food, a 72 oz. mixing bowl, options for bullet-shaped containers, food processing points and a heavy plastic jug. This all sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s right.


Ninja is very good at most mixing tasks. The knives are very sharp and can cut through almost anything, making a good cocktail, a good juice and a killer milkshake. It even has an extra top that needs to be carefully mixed to give you a uniform texture throughout the mix.

But some opponents offer a lower price.

The parts of the base that are connected to the construction engine are made of plastic. These parts may not survive and with only one year limited warranty they will not be replaced for you.


Let’s also talk about these very sharp knives. If you’ve ever used a knife, you know it gets blunt after a while. ┬áDepending on the cutting edge, the blades do not fully cut nuts and ice. They leave a slightly hairy texture instead of the soft, silky texture that most people prefer.

In general, a Ninja at this price level is a good blender. He will do his job and easily handle ice cream and vegetables.


72oz Professional Ninja Countertop Mixer with...

72oz Professional Ninja Countertop Mixer with…

  • The Ninja 1000 professional faucet is characterized by its elegant design and excellent performance, and it is…
  • The Ninja Total Ice Crushing Blade offers you the perfect ice crushing, mixing and…
  • The 72-ounce professional blender bench is ideal for preparing large batches of frozen creamy drinks.


Vitamin mixer

The Vitamix 1640W model offers a version with blunt knives for grinding, a speed control that allows 10 different mixing modes, a 64 oz. mixing container and an Eastman Tritan, BPA-free mixing container. Even if it doesn’t look as good as the Ninja at first sight, it’s better. Let me tell you why.


When mixed, spraying with blunt blades gives a smoother consistency and leaves less ice and vegetable chunks. It also aerates the milkshakes, giving them a kind of frothy texture, crushes the nuts thoroughly to obtain a great nut oil, mixes the ice perfectly to create a smooth and silky ice, ensures that the coffee beans are ground evenly and even makes a fine almond flower. As the leaf area is already dull, the loss of the edge is never a problem.

The Vitamix can also work with hot products. This means you can use it in soups, such as lobster biscuits, or bases where you mix vegetables with broth for a thicker consistency.

In case you’re wondering what the Eastman Tritan is, it’s a super strong type of plastic without BFA. Eastman Tritan is an American manufacturer, shockproof and environmentally friendly. This jug must be able to withstand anything that can be thrown on it or against it.


Here are some other things to consider: There is a full 7 year warranty, made in the U.S., the parts connecting the jug to the motor are made of stainless steel, and it exists since 1969. Here is a list of important points of sale. If the 7-year warranty is not long enough to sell you, you can buy an extended warranty from the company.

The biggest disadvantage of this mixer is the price. With Vitamix 6500, with a standard carafe, you get about 500 dollars. A list that contains only 64 ounces can be another scam if those extra 8 ounces are important to you.

After all, the Vitamix is worth its price. It will satisfy all your mixing desires and serve you for an incredibly long period of time. The support for a company that remains in the United States is also quite astonishing.


The Vitamix 5200 hand blender in professional quality...

The Vitamix 5200 hand blender in professional quality…

  • Adjust the speed: Easy speed adjustment for different textures. The dial can…
  • Big games: The size and shape of the 64-ounce self-cleaning container is ideal for…
  • Hot soup: The blades of the Vitamix container reach a sufficient speed to generate heat by friction,…


Quality always wins in quantity – Vitamix is our winner. Yeah, it’ll cost you about twice as much as a ninja. However, it will take more than twice as long or the company will repair it for you.


But if you can’t afford to spend so much on a blender and don’t mind having a new one in a few years, then a Ninja is close enough to be worth buying again.

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