Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja: Which Blender is the best one?

Last update : 11. March 2020

Magic bullet against a ninja feeder.

The miracle weapon is one of the original capsule mixers. But over the years, new models with interesting technology have appeared on the market that have given the magical pole a chance to make a living. One of the best dazzling is Shark’s Nutri Ninja. Nutri Ninja studies the effect of oxygen on cell breakdown (leading to deterioration). It offers FreshVac technology in the form of an air vacuum, which can be used to extract oxygen from a mixing vessel before it is stored in the refrigerator. Nutri Ninja also has an output of 1100 watts, in contrast to the small 250 watt Magic Bullet. However, you pay about three times more for Nutri Ninja, so if the budget is the main thing, you may have to forget to add FreshVac and accept a simpler Magic Bullet. Read on to see the biggest differences between the two models.

What’s the difference?

Although the purpose of each mixer is the same, the main difference between the mixers lies in the performance and the technology. Nutri Ninja wins in both categories, but let’s take a closer look at the differences to see how each machine works, the price difference, the comparison of durability and the overall design of each machine.



With 250 watts of power, the Magic Bullet can perform simple tasks, but it fades for the 1100 watts of the Nutri Ninja. Where the Magic Ball has difficulty cutting through frozen fruit or ice, Nutri Ninja easily penetrates harder fabrics.


The magic ball lies at the bottom of all capsule mixers. This is mainly due to poor performance and limited capacity. You pay more than three times as much for Nutri Ninja, but the performance factor is much higher, which means a longer lifespan for your investment.


The magic ball is known for its rubber seals and blades that break after repeated use. Even replacing parts is not easy. If your Magic Bullet starts to deteriorate, you’d better buy a new one. Nutri Ninja is known for its durability, although, like any other tool, it is reusable and difficult to use.


The Magic Bullet has a cyclonic mixing method, in which the liquid is projected upwards and then returned to the leaf in an arc. It is equipped with a simple start button, a locking cover that adapts to the base of the engine and various sizes of containers for mounting. The Nutri Ninja works in a similar way, but its start buttons have additional speed control functions and it is equipped with Auto IQ technology for automatic mixer speed control. The FreshVac additive is a bit odd, but if you want to keep your mix longer than a few hours, it will keep the ingredients fresh.

Quick display of the Magic Sphere

The magic ball is a capsule blender lightly stripped. It is suitable for beginners, occasional users or anyone with a limited budget. However, it tends to wear out faster than other models and its parts are not easy to replace. There is also a lack of speed variation and attractive bonus systems.

Magic weapon

Magic Sphere

The advantages of

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.


  • It’s disappearing fast.
  • You can’t mix solids like ice.
  • No bonus technology


A brief overview of nutritional ninja

Shark’s Nutri Ninja Nutri Ninja is powerful, easy to use worldwide and features FreshVac and Auto-iQ technologies for improved performance. It is a more durable product that can easily crush ice and frozen fruit. However, it is generally more expensive and noisier than other capsule mixers.

Feeding the Ninja

Nutraceutical Ninja

The advantages of

  • 1100 watts of power
  • Addition of FreshVac and Auto-iQ technologies
  • Sustainable
  • Perfect for heavier blends


What users say.

Most users agree that the Magic Bullet is a very handy little blender. The design is refreshingly simple, takes up little space and is perfect when you’re in a hurry. Users also say that the rubber seals and blades break too quickly and that they need to replace their equipment within a few months.

Nutri Ninja is known for its performance and sustainability. It is powerful enough to be used for different purposes and the additional technology offers the best combination. On the other hand, some say it is difficult to clean thoroughly and many describe the noise level as a certain drawback.



The Magic Sphere is a simple model, while Nutri Ninja is technologically more advanced. Comparing these two elements is a bit like stacking apples and oranges against each other. The extra properties and increased strength of the Nutri Ninja make it a clear winner. If there’s not enough money, the Magic Ball can do it. But if you can pay a little more for Nutri Ninja in the spring, what you invest in dollars will compensate for your performance.

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