Juicer vs Blender: Which one is right for your needs?

Last update : 11. March 2020

Mixer juicers

Centrifuge and mixer. These arrangements are often discussed together. In reality, these two power tools serve very different purposes in the kitchen. We’ve compared them to help you decide what’s best for your needs.

Juice Extractor :

The most common and affordable juicer is the centrifugal juicer, and with this baby everything is included in the name. Fruits and vegetables are served through a funnel-shaped opening in the lid to the top of the centrifuge. The centrifuge then uses a rotating knife to dice the product. But this is only the beginning of a journey that will lead you to the mango or the carrot. Using the centrifugal force (generated by centrifuging), the juice extractor separates the juice when crushing fruit (or vegetables). The juice is filtered to remove the remaining pulp.

And there’s also a putty centrifuge. This centrifuge uses a chewing mechanism to extract the juice before it is also thrown through a mesh filter. This method is slower than a centrifuge, but some people prefer it because it leaves more nutrients in the final product.

Juice extractor


If you buy a blender, you’ll probably come across a trendy one. These monsters have an obscene number of settings and buttons. Although they can be tempting because they have a button or mixer, it is better to use a mixer with fewer buttons and more power. This simple machine will be able to do the same job as its more fantastic analog counterpart, but it will be less confusing to use and will require less expensive repairs to the production line. Like a juice extractor, a blender is often used to prepare fruit and vegetables, but the blender is not designed to separate the juice.


It should be for the gardeners:

Every gardener knows that there comes a time when the performance of your plants will be overwhelming. One day you admire the little cabbage, the next day your windowsill is lined with swollen red tomatoes, your table is full of pumpkins and you walk around with a pile of zucchini to drop off the first unsuspecting person you see. Everyone loves zucchini bread, but how much bread can you eat before you admit it’s bad for your health?


Whether you are a gardener with lots of vegetables or a grandmother’s orange tree in the garden who has suddenly decided to produce lots of citrus fruits, a juicer might be just right for you. With the centrifuge you can squeeze extra oranges and make a spicy sweet sorbet. What about the tomatoes, which, of course, you can’t keep track of? Throw them in the centrifuge and make hot potatoes with tomato soup. From carrots to cantaloupe, turn your garden house into a wine press.

Talk about transformation: The blender also has a great talent for inventing fruit and vegetables. Salsa, sauces and cocktails are a fantastic and delicious way to turn vegetables and berries into light dishes or snacks.

green juicer


Do you want to use your natural creativity for your health and fitness? So, the car you’re looking for could be a blender. This cooking tool is ideal for making a protein cocktail for the morning workout at the gym or for making your own salad dressing.


But wait, what about the centrifuge? Is this useless for a health guru or an artistically talented sports rat? It’s exactly the opposite. The juicer extracts the essence of your fruit and vegetables and is the ideal partner for the blender. It offers unique aromas that you can’t get any other way. Think of cucumber juice to light your green cocktail, refreshing taste you crave (without all the slippery seeds), and ginger and lemon juice to give your salad dressing a stimulating taste. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The orange juice lady


When it comes to universality, the dazzling wins with the width of a hair. This is the ideal appliance for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, but still wants to enjoy good food or sweets. With a blender you can prepare a few eggs to make a perfect omelet or a creamy pasta sauce. You can even sweeten your mouth by throwing a spoon (or three) of ice cream with a drop of milk and cocoa into a blender to make a chocolate cocktail.


Compared to a blender, the juice extractor is somewhat limited. While a juicer can provide a single liquid ingredient for breakfast cocktails or mixed herbal drinks with friends, it simply can’t compete with a more complete dive, bandages and a small blender.

A woman pours chocolate powder into


In terms of meters and storage, mixing these two devices is simpler and more compact. Centrifuges are generally heavier than mixers and often bulky. Some centrifuges are equipped with strong suction cups on the bottom, which can be awkward for the users. In comparison, most mixers are easy to move and users often keep them on the counter because of the limited space they occupy.



When it comes to cleaning, the blender will be easier to maintain because you can simply wash it in a glass with knives – but you can also wipe the floor to prevent it from becoming sticky or attracting insects. As far as centrifuges are concerned, most of them have at least five parts that must be disassembled after each use for proper cleaning. Many juice extractor manufacturers also recommend hand washing these parts. Check the instructions before placing the parts in the dishwasher.

Soap mixer


Although it is tempting to think that these devices are interchangeable, it is not certain that you will soon find out if you try to make a milkshake in a centrifuge. If you are looking for a more versatile addition to your kitchen, a blender may be your choice. But if you want to get all those delicious foods out of your fruit and vegetables without filling them with too much fibre, you can’t do without a juicer.


Maybe after reading this article you decided you needed both? Only you can know what is most useful to you. Good luck on your journey, keep making juices or blends!

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