Best Vitamix Blender Reviews in 2020 – #4 Best Overall

Last update : 7. April 2020

If you are looking for a top quality mixer, you probably know Vitamix. Vitamix is known for its strong, multifunctional curves with extensive guarantees. But choosing a brand is only half the battle, because Vitamix offers a whole range of faucets, all with different properties and capacities.

Whether you want to upgrade your current model or immerse yourself in the Vitamix pool, there are good options. With this ranking of the eight best Vitamix mixers on the market, we help you find the best for your mixing needs.

We have tested each model and provide a detailed report comparing the price of the with the design, performance and warranty of the , so you can easily find your best option. And stay tuned to our buying guide if you want to know more about these durable faucets.

Quick comparison of our favorites in 2020:

Best 8 blenders for vitamin mixes:

1. Vitamix 7500 Blender – Best overall score

Our common favourite is the Vitamix 7500 mixer, a robust, high-capacity model with various speed options. This mixer combines many of the best features of Vitamix with a very powerful engine and an excellent warranty.


At 13 pounds, this blender is heavier, but also moderately expensive and powerful. The black plastic housing is optionally available with red, black or white accents, while the all-metal motor is equipped with a powerful 2.2 HP cooling motor. There are no presets, but you do have a pulse function and a choice of 10 speed variables, and we found the switch and dial interface a bit awkward but very functional. The four spindle knife block is made of hardened stainless steel.

This model does not work well with small quantities and has no one-way functions. The 64-ounce flat plastic bowl is quite sturdy and fits more easily under cabinets, but doesn’t mix so easily. A plastic tinker is included to ensure a smoother mixing. The 7500 comes with a seven-year warranty on parts, labour and delivery.

The advantages of

  • Powerful, cooled motor with all-metal drive.
  • One pulse function and 10 variable speeds
  • At a reasonable price.
  • Sturdy excavators and large low-profile mixing tank
  • Including plastic pestle
  • Seven-year warranty


  • On the toughest side.
  • A clumsy and less elegant interface
  • The mixing container doesn’t mix so easily.
  • No default settings.
  • Does not work very well with small amounts.

2. Explorer Vitamix E310 hand blender – best price

Vitamix E310

If you have a small budget, the best Vitamix blender for money is the E310 Explorian Blender, a smaller model that is quite powerful and very affordable.


This 11.5 lb. model is featherweight for Vitamix and features a powerful dual motor with radial fan cooling and automatic thermal protection. The interface is simple but user-friendly and offers no presets, but a pulse function and 10 variable speeds. The plastic mixing bowl has a smaller capacity (48 inches) and is equipped with sturdy stainless steel four-point knives, a mini defoliator and a cookbook.

We found this model very noisy. It doesn’t work with drier ingredients either, so it’s the best choice if you normally mix it with more liquid. Low capacity also means that it will be more difficult for you to prepare for the party. Vitamix offers a shorter guarantee of five years for this model.

The advantages of

  • Cheaper and lighter
  • Powerful motor with integrated safety functions
  • solid sheets
  • One pulse function and 10 variable speeds
  • Easy to use
  • Including the mini-blower.


  • Very strong.
  • It takes a lot of liquid to mix it gently.
  • Fewer mixing possibilities
  • A shorter guarantee of five years
  • Clumsy interface

3. Vitamix Mixer 750 – Best Premium selection

Vitamix Professional Series 750

If you want to spend a little more, you may be interested in the additional features of the Vitamix Professional Series 750 mixer, our top-of-the-line mixer. This high-end model has an attractive design, a good selection of presets and a powerful engine.


This 11.5-pound mixer is surprisingly light, given its extra features and powerful 2.2-horsepower engine. The base has an elegant metal finish and a simple interface with switch and rotary knob that provides an impulse function, 10 variable speeds and five presets, including soup, cocktail and self-cleaning. This model comes with a 64-ounce flat plastic container that doesn’t mix so easily, but fits well under cabinets, a compatible burglar and a cookbook.

This model is much more expensive and we were disappointed that the engine is not very powerful. Vitamix offers a good seven-year warranty on this model.

The advantages of

  • Powerful motor 2.2
  • Pretty light
  • Elegant homes with a choice of surfaces
  • Pulse function, 10 variable speeds and five presets
  • High mixing capacity and robust blades
  • Contains a discreet hacker
  • A good seven-year warranty


  • The blender container is not very well designed.
  • Dear
  • The engine isn’t very strong.

4. Smart mixer Vitamix A3500

Vitamix A3500

The Ascent Vitamix A3500 Series Intelligent Mixer is heavy and expensive, but offers a range of smart features and an impressive warranty. If you are looking for an automatic mixer that optimizes the settings for you, this model may be your choice.


Weighing in at 14.92 lbs, the A3500 is equipped with a powerful 2.2 hp engine, a sturdy four-point stainless steel blade and a sleek but sophisticated interface, so you’ll need to spend some time with the manual. The touch-screen system offers five presets, including self-cleaning programs, smoothies and frozen desserts, as well as a range of manual speeds and a timer. This unit is designed to work with all mixing vessels of the Vitamix Ascent series, as the intelligent base reads the connected vessel and automatically adjusts its parameters. This model also connects to the Vitamix application for additional programs and recipes.

The package contains a 64-ounce flat mixing bowl, a tamper evident device and a cookbook. During testing we found that the cap can be difficult to remove and that the engine doesn’t seem strong enough to justify the price. For this model Vitamix offers a very long guarantee of 10 years.

The advantages of

  • Powerful motor and sturdy blades
  • Five presets, pulse and variable speed
  • Elegant user interface with touch screen and timer
  • Autotransformation for a range of mixing vessels
  • Additional programs and recipes are available through the application
  • Excellent 10 year warranty


  • Heavy and expensive
  • A more complex interface
  • Lid can be difficult to remove
  • The engine isn’t very powerful.

5. Vitamix mixer (A2500 Smart)

Vitamix A2500

The Smart Blender Vitamix A2500 of the Ascent Series is a lighter and cheaper Smart Blender with fewer but more features.


This 11-pound model has a slim, molded surface with a timer, 10 variable speeds, a pulse function and three presets for cocktails, hot soups and frozen desserts. It has a smart base that reads the container you insert and automatically adjusts to a smoother mix. It has wireless functions that work with the Vitamix application to offer you additional programs and recipes.

The 64-ounce flat jug is not very well designed, so you can spend more money on other compatible mixing vessels. It’s also quite noisy, and you’ll probably have to use the included burglar to get a smooth mix. We found the car’s speeds to be less sustainable than expected. This model comes with an excellent 10 year warranty.

The advantages of

  • Rather light and cheap.
  • 10 speed variables, one pulse variant and three presets.
  • Works wirelessly with the application for additional programs and recipes
  • Automatically adapts to a number of mixing vessels
  • High mixing capacity
  • Excellent 10 year warranty


  • A less well designed mixing tank
  • Must be drunk for a good mix.
  • Less robust gears
  • Strong enough.

6. Vitamix mixing device (5200)

Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 professional mixer is more economical, with a simple interface and handicaps, a valuable option. Unfortunately it has neither a very powerful engine nor pre-installed options.


This model comes with the classic 64-ounce Vitamix tritan, which we have found to produce softer blends. Weighing in at 10.56 lbs, it is quite light and has a simple derailleur and dial interface that offers 10 different speeds. The supplied tamper works well and the dual motor is equipped with a radial fan and thermal protection.

This machine does not work well in small quantities and is rather noisy. It is easy to use, but a bit bulky and not very pleasant. Vitamix is guaranteed for seven years.

The advantages of

  • Cheaper
  • Pretty light and easy to use
  • Choose from 10 variable speeds
  • Powerful motor with integrated fan and thermal protection
  • A large, well-designed mixing vessel.
  • A good seven-year warranty


  • Basic interface
  • The engine seems less powerful.
  • Very strong.
  • A less attractive design
  • No presets or intelligent functions

7. Vitamix A2300 Intelligent mixer

Vitamix A2300

The best-selling Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Mixer has a stylish interface and several smart features, but it doesn’t work as well as the company’s other smart mixers.


Weighing in at 11 pounds, this model is quite light, with a generous, flat 64-ounce mixing bowl and handle included. The simplified user interface is easy to use and includes a digital timer that can track the duration of the mix, but does not automatically switch off. This unit has an impulse function and 10 variable speeds, but no presets, although it is connected to the Vitamix application. It is also compatible with all containers in the Vitamix Ascent range and can be automatically adjusted to different sizes.

A2300 is noisy and not as loud as we’d like. During testing, we noticed that it has a strange set of features that combines intelligent functions without built-in presets with a very limited digital timer. It comes with an excellent 10 year warranty.

The advantages of

  • Lightweight and cheap
  • Simplified interface with 10 speed variables and a timer
  • Large 64-ounce mixing bowl
  • Can read and adapt to a wide range of mixing vessels
  • Works with the Vitamix application
  • Excellent 10 year warranty


  • Small range of functions, with limited digital timer and no presets
  • An ineffective blender can
  • He doesn’t feel very strong.
  • Very strong.

8. Vitamix mixer (silent)

Vitamix 36019 36019-1

Our most unpopular blender is the Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender, a very expensive and heavy blender with impressive features, but important drawbacks such as a lack of durability and a surprisingly short warranty.


As the name suggests, this faucet is designed for silence with a magneto-absorbing hood. It weighs 23.6 pounds and has an amazing 48 ounce tritanium mixing bowl. It is very powerful, with a three-stage motor, and its complex interface has six optimized presets, 34 programs and 93 speed variables.

This model is very quiet, but bulky and too expensive for many households. It is not very durable and the hood has an unattractive industrial look. The short warranty covers the engine for three years, with one year of operation and accessories. This model is intended for commercial use, so the warranty is void if you use it at home.

The advantages of

  • Very quiet, with soundproof hood.
  • 34 programs and 93 speed variables
  • A powerful engine with three horsepower
  • Designed for use in a commercial environment


  • Very expensive and very voluminous.
  • Low mixing capacity
  • Advanced interface
  • Shorter warranty, applies only for commercial use.
  • He doesn’t feel very strong.
  • Industrial housing

Purchasing guide

Vitamix is known as a strong and reliable brand, so every blender of your choice should work well enough. Their faucets are designed and assembled in the United States and the company is known for its good customer service and generous warranties.


If we look at devices of the same brand, we see many similarities between these models. However, they differ in the way they can influence your experience. So how do you know which model to buy? Continue reading the guide with the key features of your new blender.

Mixing capacity

Vitamix mixers are equipped with powerful motors from 2 to 3 HP, which corresponds to 1500-2200 Watt. These powerful engines are leading mixers offered by other companies and should be able to handle all the ingredients you throw at them. If you’re looking for a particularly powerful model, you’ll probably want to find one with a three-headed engine.


How much do you want to mix? If you regularly mix for a party, you may need a large-capacity mixer, e.g. B. a 64 ounce version. If you don’t need that much strength, a 48-ounce jug might be enough. If you wish to mix a travel glass, you may need to purchase a model compatible with the Vitamix Ascent Series containers.


Our tests have shown that 64-ounce flat jugs are not so good for smooth mixing. Thanks to the classic design, the ingredients can be squeezed out of the sheets without missing large chunks.

All Vitamix mixing bowls are made of sturdy tritan plastic and are dishwasher safe. These glasses are easy to clean and do not break when dropped. However, they are not as attractive and durable as glass packaging and can be dyed, bruised or even cracked when used intensively.


Vitamix mixers can weigh from 10 to more than 20 pounds. How much space do you have in your kitchen and how much do you move your new blender? If your space is limited, you may need a more streamlined model. If you have space to leave the blender on the counter top, you may prefer the extra features of a larger model.


Most mixers are noisy, and the Vitamix models are no exception. If you are very sensitive to noise, you may be interested in special sound absorption properties such as the Quiet One Mixer absorption cap.



With the Vitamix mixer you can choose between different interfaces. Pushbutton interfaces are generally the easiest to use and label. Switching and dialling interfaces can be easy to use, but at the same time more cumbersome and less elegant. The most elegant option available on more expensive models is the touch interface, which takes longer to learn, but often offers the most functionality.

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Mixer Vita-Mix Quiet One

A loan for a painting: Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Mixer Quiet One, Amazonian

Presets and speed variables

All Vitamix mixers can be operated with at least 10 variable speeds. This is a manual speed that can be set via the rotary knob or the touch interface. You adjust the speed and press and hold the start button until your ingredients are mixed. Some models are equipped with a countdown timer that allows you to keep track of the duration of the mix. These basic timers are for reference only, so you can’t program them and the unit won’t turn off automatically.


If you prefer a more manual approach, you should look for templates with predefined options. These are integrated programs that optimize mixing speed and time for specific tasks such as cleaning, heating the soup or mixing frozen drinks. With these handy programs, you simply add ingredients and press a button, and the device automatically switches off when it’s ready.

Some Vitamix models, such as the Quiet One mixer, offer much higher speed and a wider preset range. If you want more than a few programs, you should take a closer look at these models.

Smart Features

If you want a more automatic mixer, you might be interested in a model with smart features. For Vitamix mixers, this means wireless container reading capabilities and functions. Keep in mind that smart mixers are often more expensive and complex to use.


The Vitamix wireless blender can be connected to a business application that offers a range of additional programs and recipes. If you are willing to take the time to study it, it can extend the functionality of your new mixer.

Some Vitamix mixers have a self-recognition function, which is a component at the base of the sheet and is used to read the information printed on the special mixing vessels of the Ascent series. The computer examines the size of the mixing container and automatically adjusts its parameters to ensure a smooth mixing process. You can buy these containers in different sizes, from small shredder and travel cups to larger mixing jars of 48 or 64 ounces. This is useful if you want to mix different amounts of money, but it also means that in the end you can spend more money.

Advertising against personal use

Are you buying a mixer for home or commercial use? Commercial mixers are often equipped with more powerful motors and can offer additional features, such as more programs or components that attenuate sound. They are also much more expensive and heavier.

Personal mixers are smaller and may have fewer features, but they are probably cheaper. If you don’t need the power and functionality of a commercial mixer, you’re likely to find enough features in your home model.

-> Not exactly sold on Vitamix? Here, too, we have considered alternatives.


Although all these faucets are manufactured by the same company, their guarantees vary considerably. For residential models, warranties range from five to ten years, and many models offer additional coverage periods. If you want to protect your investment in the best possible way, you should choose a model with a long warranty and consider buying an extended warranty.


Business models have shorter, limited warranties, and these warranties are void if you use a home-blender. If you buy a commercial mixer such as the Quiet One for your home, you have no guarantee.


Our best choice is the Vitamix 7500 mixer, which is durable, powerful and well-equipped. If you want to save money, the E310 Explorian Blender offers excellent value for money, with a simple interface and a good engine. Are you looking for a top model? You can try the Vitamix Professional Series 750 mixer, an elegant device with useful presets and a generous guarantee.

Choosing Vitamix mixers can be difficult, but it won’t take long. We hope that this list of the company’s top eight models, with detailed overviews and a comprehensive guide to available features, will help you shop more efficiently. Have fun with your new Vitamix blender!

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