Best Quiet Blenders in 2020 – #4 Best Overall

Last update : 28. March 2020

We decided to take a look at the so-called beautiful silencers and write reviews about a handful of them. At first we had some ideas about what we were going to find, and to be honest, we were a little surprised to hear that they have a whole range of functions, such as mixers that can heat food during processing. We were also surprised that their prices were tightly bundled, but in a range that left us a bit in the middle.

It should be noted that silence does not mean silence. If you are looking for a model that can be used next to a sleeping person, we have to warn you that you will probably wake him up. They just don’t want to wake up and think they’re in the middle of an 8.6 magnitude earthquake.

But we’ll be there soon. If you have reached the end of our evaluations and think you need more than one offer, we have included a practical guide for confectionery buyers.

Quick look at the winners (updated in 2020):

5 Best silent mixers – Reviews:

1. Blendtec Pro 800 Blender – best blender in the total ranking

Blendtec Pro 800

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the Blendtec Pro 800 is equipped with lots of sweets. When it comes to chopping food, this thing is an animal. It’s a joke when they say that thing can turn a cocktail into a diamond. But after use… Are we really?


Whatever the power, it’s also one of the quietest mixers we’ve ever seen. The hermetically sealed mixing chamber is Blendtec’s trademark and makes it possible to liquefy food without hearing it scream. It also heats food during mixing and has a USB port for downloading individual mixing recipes.

Get ready. You can tighten your chest when you see what it costs you. Nearly silent industrial liquids are priceless, open a savings account with your local bank, and it’s the free blender they offer.

The advantages of

  • He can heat the food as he mixes it.
  • Take it easy. Take it easy.
  • Heavy liquefaction

2. Vita-Mix silent mixer

Vita-Mix Quiet One-Mixer

We hesitate to use an expression as quiet as a grave to describe something used in the kitchen, but we can’t find anything better to describe the Vita-Mix Quiet One. Unlike other silent mixers, where silence has to do with shaking the walls, clicking the windows, you can really have a conversation with this mixer.


It is also powerful enough to be used for commercial purposes, for which it was actually designed. At home it has multiple uses and if you need fully liquid vegetables, it has the muscles to do it.

In fact, it can mix too much for domestic use, as shown by the price. You can buy a car for less than it costs. It would be a bad car with falling parts, but at least it could drive. And for that price, he won’t let you make hot soup. As beautiful as it is, the price and some missing features guarantee that it comes second.


  • Damn, this stuff is expensive.
  • I don’t know how to make soup.

3. Hamilton Beach 58870 Quiet mixer – best value

58870 Hamilton Beach

Our two best models can give you the idea that you need to sell one of your children to get a silent mixer for your home. Then 58870 from Hamilton Beach comes in to let you know you don’t really have to. The price difference can even be a shock.


For his price, he’s got muscles. He can cut ice cubes into small cocktail slices, no problem. It is not as powerful as the other two, but in the event of a sharp drop in prices, the drop in performance is not as dramatic. That makes them the best choice for the money.

But it’s not that quiet. It’s not as noisy as a normal household mixer, but you can’t let it run in your sleep without waking everyone up. Reduced performance also means stopping now and then and scraping food off the leaf.

The advantages of

  • A good price per dollar
  • Powerful


  • The sound fades, it doesn’t eliminate.
  • It doesn’t work so well.

4. Jamba units 58915 Silent Mixer

Jamba appliances 58915

We liked the compact design and the total cost of the Jamba 58915. It is small enough to be stored in small kitchens and offers good performance at a reasonable price. Not a bad mixer. There just aren’t many things that can be exciting.


For example, most of the mixing facilities we investigated had a push button function. In general, we found that this pen is superior to the pen used by Jamba, which can get stuck between two settings. We also thought he wasn’t as calm as he should be. It didn’t cause a headache, but you couldn’t read the book if someone in the same room was using it.

It has a reasonable value and is easy to store, but we thought it could be better designed so that serious consideration could be given to taking it out of the assessment.

The advantages of

  • Compact design
  • A decent value


  • Handles instead of buttons
  • Not as calm as I said it would be.

5. New Age vibrating and silent mixersseries

A new era of Silent Life Series

We didn’t hate the Living Silence series in the new century. Actually, we liked it. He does what he has to do. It mixes and purifies food to make it drinkable and can process hard and fibrous vegetables. It even does this without the cost of an arm and a leg. So you get a good price.


We have lowered it in our ranking because it is not very sustainable. Because the main task of breaking the ice and nuts, mixing the nut oil and converting the cabbage into liquid too easily breaks down. It’s not just one thing. You have to be prepared for anything that might break. The food doesn’t get that liquid either. Sometimes you have to stop using it and mix the food manually to get it back to work.

We didn’t hate it. We didn’t like it, and for money you can get something better.

The advantages of

  • A decent value
  • He’s doing his job.


  • Not very sustainable.
  • Fewer functions
  • Nutrients under the leaf

Factors to be taken into consideration for selection

No overview of the few models gives a complete picture of the entire range. We understand this, and you’d probably rather get useful advice than information on what kind of mixer to buy. We’ve put together this handy little guide to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Is it quiet?

You buy a mixer that is designed for quiet operation, which also means that it is more expensive than conventional mixers. It follows that this is the most important consideration in the selection process. No mixer is silent, but some are quieter than others. We called the Blendtec Pro 800 and the Vita-Mix Quiet one of the best because they are simply the quietest. Jamba 58915 was more stupid than quiet.


If you buy a silent blender, it should still be able to chop ice and fibrous vegetables. You need one with a powerful engine. This deviates slightly from the gross power of the engine. The energy produced is not always properly converted into energy when it is mixed. You will want to keep this distinction in mind when looking for the most powerful combination for the money you spend.


Easy cleaning

It is often forgotten that cleaning faucets can be annoying. They have to be taken apart to be cleaned, and food tends to get stuck and crack in every corner. You won’t want to try the almond oil you mixed in the morning when you made the fruit cocktail in the afternoon, so be careful with the easiest models to take apart and clean.


If you’re not interested in money, Vita-Mix Quiet One has it all. If it is, and you want to buy it, prepare a bank, because the price will give you a case of smoke. So we liked Hamilton Beach 58870. It’s good enough for most home users, and the price makes it super attractive.


The Blendtec Pro 800 is a silent mixer to which all other silent mixers are measured. Quiet enough for you to talk while you prepare the cocktail, and powerful enough to crush the ice, but it will cost you money. It doesn’t cost as much as the Vita-Mix Quiet One, which is more powerful and quieter, but it is also interesting for commercial use. The Hamilton Beach 58870 was the best version of the silent mixer we looked at, because the performance didn’t drop as much as the price. The Jamba 58915 was good, but it should have been better, and the New Age Living Quiet series was just too fragile to get it out of the basement.


We hope you found our comments useful or at least got something useful from our customer guide. We wish you every success in finding the silent mixer that suits you best.

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