Best Magic Bullet Blenders 2020 – #4 Best Overall

A magic sphere is a tracker for ball mixers. You probably first came across this brand in TV commercials.

An advertising comic book has shown that this table magician is capable of mixing everything from a cocktail to a mix of muffins, pesto and coffee beans.

This brand is still popular, there are still many varieties. These small mixers are widely available, and below are our comments on our six best samples from the Magic Bullet family.

Quick comparison of our favorites in 2020:

The six best magic spheres:

1. Magic Bullet Express Mixing Kit – Best Total

Magic ball IBR-1701

Magic Bullet Quick Set The Magic Bullet MBR-1701 is a 17 component set consisting of two stainless steel basic sets for grinding, crushing, beating and mixing. The flat blade is for grinding, crushing and threshing, while the cross blade is for grinding, crushing and mixing. There are several cups and mugs. Colored lip rings in the cockpit help identify individual cups at your next cocktail party. The two shaker/steam lids are also unique because they can be used for steaming in the microwave or as an accessory for the cheese shaker.


At low power, this ball mixer may not meet all your mixing needs as it fights green leaves and may take longer to mix cocktails with ice cream and frozen fruit. Although the original Magic Bullet was not made of BPA-free plastic, this is the case with this updated design. However, plastics can crack when used intensively, which can be frustrating.

Overall, it is our best choice in terms of price, size and versatility.

The advantages of

  • Affordable
  • Numerous containers
  • Two sets of knives
  • Universally applicable
  • alcohol-free plastic


  • Low yield
  • Needs more memory

2. Magic bullet mixer MBR-1101 – best value

Mixing machine for magic balls

The MBR-1101 Magic Bullet Mixer is an 11-component kit consisting of two 18-ounce and one 12-ounce containers, two storage lids and a pull cover. It also includes a guide to help you try out new 10-second recipes. It has the versatility to make cocktails, grind coffee or mix your favorite guacamole. The sprinklers are easy to clean, either by rinsing them immediately after use or by putting them in the dishwasher. Mixing your favourite morning cocktail before work is quick and easy in less than 60 seconds.


Be careful not to overfill the mixing bowls. The motor operates at 250 watts and may have overload problems. If you like protein cocktails, they’re perfect. This mixer is also compact and easy to transport.

By comparison: This mixer is better than average and in terms of price and functionality it is our best choice.

The advantages of

  • Affordable
  • Three mixing containers
  • Storage and transport lid

3. Magic Bullet Express Deluxe – Premium selection

Magic Bullet Express Deluxe 26

The Magic Bullet BX1573-23 Express Deluxe is a set of 26 components powered by a 250 watt motor. The collection includes three knife tips, two cups of different sizes, a mixing cup with lid and clip, three mugs, two large cups, five coloured lip rings, two reclosable lids, two steam stirrers, two hinged lids and a recipe book. Three stainless steel knife tips are a cross blade, a flat blade and an ice crushing blade. All accessories are made of BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe.


Overloaded containers or a mixer running for more than 60 seconds will destroy the engine. If you don’t, you can be sure the blender will last a long time. However, it is possible, if necessary, to purchase spare parts for which a one-year warranty is given. If you want to use a cheese grater, the success of your grater depends on the type and strength of the cheese.

This express suite is an expensive choice, but comes with many accessories, making it our first choice.

The advantages of

  • Three sets of knives
  • Closing the jug
  • Many cups are included
  • Frost-proof containers
  • Containment of microwaves


  • Dear Sir
  • Needs more memory
  • Low yield

4. Magic bullet Child care system

The magic bullet of childcare

Baby Care System The Magic Bullet BBR-2001 allows parents to feed their babies better without unnecessary hassle. If you want a system that is separate from the standard smoothie and margarita mixer, this may be the right choice for you. This unit contains a motorised base, an intermittent bowl, a double-bladed assembly for mixing and grinding, six small storage trays with lids for data sets and a silicon batch tray. The motor has an output of 200 W and is very suitable for small amounts of soft product mix. This model is designed so that you can spend as little time as possible cooking.


Don’t forget that the crudités block the knives. It is best to cook each vegetable before mixing, and the steamer is actually sold separately. The performance of this model is lower than the others, so it must not overheat to prevent overheating.

The chance to get to know the lids is a nice gesture and helps busy parents. If you need a simple, light and affordable blender to prepare regular baby food, this may be a good choice for you. If you need to mix meat or raw vegetables, this may not be the best solution.

The advantages of

  • Affordable
  • One year limited warranty
  • Two leaf nodes
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Date glasses for storage


  • Fully plastic construction
  • Just soft food.

5. Magic bulletDessert Mixer

Magic bullet dessert mixer

The DBR-0101 Magic Dessert Mixer is for you when the desserts speak directly to your soul. If you like a delicious dessert, but not calories, fat and sugar, then with this blender you can use nutritious ingredients and leave the guilt behind. This device is also a unique find for those who love frozen foods, but cannot tolerate lactose. The power of this mixer is 350 W. The kit contains two differently shaped dosing onions to make the process a bit more fun and a recipe booklet to get you started.


If you expect a frozen dessert with a soft texture, you will probably be disappointed. The texture obtained depends on the ingredients you add. Most of the recipes in the enclosed instructions for use use use bananas, which give the creamy texture itself. But if you don’t like bananas, the guide won’t help you. This model has an all-plastic construction that cannot withstand constant use with frozen fruit. It is also not easy to remove all pieces.

This is an expensive option, only for frozen products, but if you are looking for a healthy dessert, you can use this model. If you prefer not to have too many electrical appliances in your kitchen, you can leave it all behind.

The advantages of

  • A pleasure for fruit lovers
  • Healthy desserts


  • Dear Sir
  • Just frozen desserts.
  • Memory space requirements
  • Fully plastic construction
  • It’s not easy to clean up…

6. Magic bullet food processor

Magic Sphere 17

The Magic Bullet MBR-1702 food processor is a 17 component kit containing the original Magic Bullet blender with a 250-watt motor. This is a 17-piece set consisting of a cross leaf, a flat leaf, two cups, four mugs, two airtight lids, two ventilated lids, four colourful and practical lip rings and a recipe book. BPA-free plastic nozzles are safe to clean in the dishwasher and freezer.


The plastic structure may wear out over time and cracks may appear. Fortunately, replacement containers can be purchased separately. This product is covered by a one-year warranty with replacement parts. If you don’t have space to store additional accessories, you can buy Magic Bullet without.

The advantages of

  • Numerous containers
  • Two sets of knives
  • Universally applicable


  • A little expensive.
  • Low yield
  • Needs more memory

Purchasing guide

Magic Bullet’s products have stood the test of time, and loyal fans and funny commercials have enjoyed the convenience of being beaten in seconds after a meal. Whether you are a newcomer to the Magic Bullet family or a regular fan, choosing a Magic Bullet blender can be difficult. In your search you will want to look at a number of things such as costs, accessories, storage space and features.


The Original Magic Bullet is available in different systems with different accessories, which affects the price. If you only need a basic model with multiple add-ons, the costs are low and can be budgeted. However, if you have a large family or if you like to have fun, consider using the larger system – if the costs are within your budget.



The delivery of multiple containers with a personal blender is convenient for multi-person households. Some kits contain party mugs with pens. While traditional containers without handles are microwave-proof, festive cups are not. The colored rings are only used for identification purposes during the sessions.

Usually there are some knife fasteners. The flat blade is intended for grinding objects such as coffee beans. The transverse knife is a cocktail knife that makes the grind. Some kits are also equipped with an ice crusher for more power.


Ventilated lids are available for use in microwave ovens or as shaking lids.


The basic model is as compact as most personal mixers. It can be easily cleaned in the cupboard or on the counter top as it does not take up a lot of space. If you have a system with many accessories, remember that cups with handles can be difficult to store. If you use special designs for baby food and frozen foods, you will need extra counter space or storage space for these items. Analyze your kitchen to see if you can include all the elements associated with your potential purchase.

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The Original Magic Bullet has a 250 W low power engine. If you make sauces, cocktails or protein shakes, this can be perfect for your needs. However, if you need to mix solid objects, the mixer may not be powerful enough. If you need a special blender for baby food or frozen desserts, Magic Bullet is right behind you.

You may wonder how the Magic Bullet and the NutriBullet are related, because the same company produces both. While the Magic Bullet is the original model, NutriBullet is a more powerful later version with various functions and accessories.



If you haven’t seen the original Magic Bullet Show commercials, check them online to see if they are stupid. We hope our feedback has helped you find out more about the Magic Bullet systems available so you can join the party. So our best overall choice is the Magic Bullet MBR-1701 express blender with 17 accessories, including cups and handles. The Magic Bullet MBR-1101 mixer is our best choice. This is an original model with fewer accessories and a better price. For our premium selection we have the Magic Bullet BX1573-23 Express Deluxe with 23 accessories for the entertainment guru. If you’re a beginner, welcome to the family of magic, and if you’ve been around for a long time, we wish you good luck with your 10-second creations!

Special photo credits : Magic Bullet blender, Amazon.



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