Best Commercial Juicers in 2020 – #4 Best Overall

Last update : 28. March 2020

It is quite easy to find a juicer for personal use. However, finding the right juicer for your business needs is a completely different story. These juicers cost more, have less feedback and it is extremely important that they can meet your business needs.

That’s why we went to do all the work for you.  You can read the results of our checks here.  We’ve compared, researched and developed a simple format to provide you with concise information you can use to make decisions.  Read on to find out which juicer best suits your business needs.

A quick look at our favourites 2020

5 Best commercial juicer

1. HUROM HZ Commercial Juicer – Best overall result

HUROM HZ Slow juice extractor

The Hurom HZ stainless steel juicer is quiet, elegant and compact.  It works at a slow, quiet speed of 43 rpm. The auger (not the rotating blades) does the work and avoids the noise nuisance of traditional juicers.  The cellulose resulting from this device is as close as possible to the dryness of the bones for humans.  With this machine you won’t lose any juice, and the juice that comes out will be delicious as if it had been squeezed by hand.


This juicer produces commercial results in a machine that is easy to use and clean.  The customer service is excellent and the engine is guaranteed for 10 years.  You probably don’t need a warranty because this machine is built to last.  With this juicer you get years of carefree results.

Lower speeds give excellent results, but the compromise is that the manufacturer is slower than most other juicers.  Nothing is hidden here, so this juicer certainly deserves its place at the top of the list.

The advantages of

  • Silencer
  • The style
  • Dry cellulose
  • Robust construction
  • Good customer service

2. Superland Commercial orange peel bottle

Orange Superland commercial machine

The Superland juicer can be installed in about 20 minutes.  It goes through 20 to 22 oranges per minute, squeezing 4 to 7 glasses of juice per minute so you can make all the juice you need for your restaurant, liquor store or cocktail bar.  It is compact enough to carry a dining car on the road or to be developed for special occasions.  You’ll be a success if this car supports you.


It is easy to use and clean, which means minimal downtime for your business.  Because it is made of stainless steel and PC plastic, it is an antiseptic that reduces anxiety.  The design of this juicer of commercial quality makes it possible to withstand heavy and continuous use.

Unfortunately, leadership is terrible, unexpectedly useless, in fact.  Fortunately, this machine is so easy to use that you really don’t need a manual.  Moreover, there is no integrated method for measuring the output volume, which is provided for a machine of this size.

It is an excellent juicer that is not only due to a few small problems in the beginning.


The advantages of

  • Short assembly time
  • Ease of use
  • Increasing productivity
  • Commercial materials


  • a terrible direction
  • Insufficient volume measurement

3. Breville juicer 800JEXL – Best price

Breville 800JEXL Elite

The Breville juicer is made of stainless steel and titanium.  It has two speeds, a large and spacious pulp container and an even larger juice container.  It works fast, so there’s no reason to wait.  Easy to clean.  Some parts are dishwasher safe, which really simplifies the process.


He seems very professional in every way.  They wouldn’t be ashamed to have it on the counter.  It could even be a show.

However, there are a few points they consider inactive for the first two places on the list.  Replacements are always out of stock.  Waiting times for parts can be exceptionally long.  Breville is also quite noisy compared to the first two machines.

The worst thing is, he’s not getting older well.  Over time, this instrument will leak excessively and no repair or violin will be able to stop it.  The juice and cellulose are spilled and cause a huge mess.  If a lifetime of one to two years is acceptable to you, it may be a machine for you.

The advantages of

  • Robust construction
  • It works fast.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Details are not in stock
  • Leaks
  • Noisy

4. Master Juicer PG710

Master Juice Extractor G5- PG710

This champion juicer is a commercial juicer.  Although he has excellent qualities and skills, he also has serious problems that keep him in fourth place.  The good news is that it is very stable and easy to clean.


This machine is severely overheated and therefore lacks the main objective – the production of its own juice. What for? The heat destroys the enzymes and nutrients in the freshly squeezed juice.

Another serious problem is the way he treats leafy vegetables and tender fruit – he doesn’t treat them.  This juicer only works well with firm fruit and vegetables.  Roots, for example, work perfectly.  However, soft fruits and vegetables are difficult to press and the fibres are constantly clogging the machine.  As soon as that happens, the simple cleaning suddenly becomes a nightmare.  So this machine is both easy and difficult to clean, depending on what you put in it.

After all, the juice contains a lot of flesh.  If you want pulp, that’s fine, but this machine is advertised as a producer of pure juice.  This juicer has its good moments, but the negative moments win because it remains in fourth place on the list.


The advantages of

  • Ease of use
  • Robust construction


  • It’s hard to clean.
  • Do not treat soft fruits and vegetables.
  • Serious overheating problem
  • The flesh in the juice

5. Orange WF-A3000 Commercial Citrus Extractor

Orange-Lemon Juicer WF-A3000

At first glance the OrangeA WF-A3000 juicer appears to be a very powerful animal, but on closer inspection it turns out to be a lemon.  It’s quick and easy, but that’s it.


This machine is not capable of processing fruit with a high water content.  Most of the juice touches the flesh.  It’s very disappointing and a waste of good fruit.

This car also has a heat problem.  It heats too quickly and too strongly, destroying the enzymes and nutrients in the fruit.  This destroys the goal of getting juice at home.

The screen got dirty fast.  Once this is done, you have a long and dirty cleaning process.  If you don’t clean it on the spot, you get apple sauce instead of juice.  Because the screen gets dirty so quickly that you will spend most of your time cleaning the screen instead of drinking juice.

A small opening at the top makes it difficult for fruit and vegetables to reach the juicer.  You have to do a lot of preparation before you can use the juicer.  It’s very comfortable.


  • I can’t stand soft fruit.
  • Overheating
  • Newspapers
  • It’s hard to clean.
  • Small opening of the entrance

Purchasing guide

When considering the use of a commercial press, it should be borne in mind that the volume of the press produced is compared to the time needed to produce it.  Slow doesn’t necessarily mean bad.  If you work in a restaurant, juice bar or other establishment and have some preparation time before your customers come in, a slow juicer that delivers consistent quality juices can be just what you need.


If you do a lot of business, it is obvious that you need the fastest car.  But you can’t just sacrifice quality to push the drinks out the door.  Make sure you get a juicer that can handle the load while delivering the results your customers want.

If you buy a juicer for home use, it is likely that a slower machine will work just as well for you as a faster one.  Depending on your individual needs, this will be adjusted slightly.

Important paragraphs of note

Given the amount you pay for even the cheapest device on the list, warranty coverage is an important consideration.  Read the small print to when you open your wallet.  If the manufacturer does not want parts under warranty to be available prior to purchase, there may be a reason for this.  Beware of any company that does not let you read the warranty in advance.

Another element to take into account when purchasing an expensive machine such as a juicer is customer service and the availability of spare parts.  All cars break down sooner or later, it’s just a fact of nature.  You should therefore be aware that the manufacturer has the necessary parts to repair them in time.  If you take the car to the mechanic and you hear that the tires for this are in the back seat, you may get upset.  It’s the same here.  Make sure that the company has the necessary parts to repair your juicer in case of a malfunction.


The other part of this equation is customer service.  The best sales in the world is useless if customer service provides you with a forum.  Keep this in mind when you make a decision.

What makes a good juice extractor?

The first question that determines the quality of a juicer is the quality of the pulp.  The drier the flesh, the more juice you get.  Firm, straw-like flesh, tightly packed, indicates a good juicer.  Take a piece of pulp and squeeze it as tight as possible between your fingers.  If you can’t get any more juice out of it, you’ll have a good car at hand.

On the other hand, wet, loose flesh is a bad sign.  If you lift the flesh and wrap the juice running over your fingers, you should probably turn the car around as quickly as possible.  The longer you keep it, the harder it will be to convince customer service to give you your money back.


If an apple juice comes out of the car (with a thick, sticky consistency), it’s even worse.  The pulp goes through the sieve.  Usually this means that the screen does not have a fine enough grid or is broken.  Any response gives cause for concern.

Clear juice usually means you have a good juicer that collects all the flesh, while muddy juice implies the opposite.

Find a juicer that’s quiet.  Nobody wants to serve fruit and vegetables in a car that looks like a 747 to prepare for departure.  This is especially true in a restaurant or juice bar.  People want to talk when they’re with you, and noisy devices are the quickest way to get them out.  It’s bad for business.  The sound produced by the juicer cannot be directly related to the quality of the juice it produces, but the silence of the machine is a sign of good engineering.  The better the technology, the longer it takes.

Purchasing tips

Due to the price range of most juicers, delivery is generally not a problem.  Most online companies offer free shipping for every purchase in a certain basic quantity.  Keep an eye on him.  Some companies have few extras that might surprise you.

Check the loads.  If you are in the same condition as the warehouse from which the goods are shipped, you may have to pay a huge amount of sales tax that you did not expect.  Go through the shops.  Competition is fierce for your business and you may be able to find a retailer that doesn’t charge sales tax, so the price is the same as the company’s price.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, and you can just save money.


Available options

Glass bottles with sealed caps are a good, cheap investment if you buy a commercial juicer.  Clearly, you intend to squeeze more than a few fruits.  You need a high quality juice container, and glass bottles are the best you can get.

Silicone sleeves for your bottles are relatively cheap. They also offer an excellent way to improve grip so that the bottles do not slip or break on the floor.  Put some with your order while you still have some.

Don’t forget the extra cleaning brushes.  Many companies throw one or two brushes into a juice box, but the fact is that the brushes don’t last as long as your stainless steel machine.  Spend a little extra to go the extra mile and you’ll never have to worry about losing or breaking a brush and ruining your day (or your expensive juicer) again.  In addition to the juicers, there are also a number of good bottle brushes available, both online and in brick and mortar shops.


Our feedback has made the HUROM HZ slow juicer the best choice in the commercial juicer category.  The quality of the juice it produces is first class, the construction is solid, it is surprisingly quiet and seems light.  You will be able to use this device for many years to come.

In the category Best for money is the elite of Breville 800JEXL.  The professional appearance, the large volume of the pumpkin container and the large juice collection capacity, combined with a very reasonable price, make it a solid choice.  It may not quite meet the highest standards, but the prize is the winner.


All this just goes to show that the abundance of commercial juicers available on the market today can be reduced to a handful worth considering.  Our feedback has shown you where to look for a model and a price that can give you the quality you want.  Whatever you’re looking for, this list can help you find it.

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